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Why pay more? Save money with a Sim Only Deal!

Sim Only Deals - the benefits

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  • Can be significantly cheaper from month to month
  • The initial cost is low - often free!
  • You can keep your current phone
  • Ultra-short 30 day contracts

Why go sim only?

The obvious reason is that sim only deals are a lot cheaper than any other mobile phone contract. This is because you're not paying for an expensive handset, which nowadays are worth hundreds of pounds a time. The sim card costs the network next-to-nothing, so that saving is passed on to you - sometimes it's even free!

With sim only contracts you'll get a lot more value for your monthly direct debit payment, with contracts costing from as little as £10 per month. Included in that monthly cost is a number of talk minutes and texts and, increasingly, mobile data allowance so you can check emails, social networks and browse the web on the go. Sim only contracts include anything from 50 minutes and texts and no data up to 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and gigbytes of data. Check out our site to see the best deals offered by each network.

Another significant advantage of a sim only contract is the length of contract - typically 30 days. This lets you change between networks more or less at will - you're not tied into the lengthy 12- or 24-month contracts which the networks require when they're giving you an expensive handset. If you're not happy with the contract you've chosen, just cancel it after 30 days and you can find a new one. Freedom at last!

Beat the downturn with a sim only deal!

Mobile phoneEveryone is feeling the pinch of the recession, so it's important to get the best sim only deals in 2017 to make the most of your money. Smartphones are expensive, and you pay significant sums over the course of a long 12-, 24- or even 36-month contract to own one. Why not make better use of your money by keeping the tried-and-testing handset you already have and switching to a better value sim only contract?

Get the best sim only deals on: Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, O2 or any network.

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Pile of coinsWe compare thousands of sim only deals to get you the best contracts on Virgin, O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile. With a Sim Only Deal you can save significantly, re-use your old phone and get lots of free minutes, texts and data included. Click the Sim icons above to view our great deals!